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LapSpace’s inflatable balloon retractor has proven itself in animal trials for better and more efficient retraction of organs such as the intestines.

How It Works

Deployed through a standard trocar and inflated inside the abdominal cavity, the retractor gently and effectively “catches” and retracts the organs to create a stable operating field. When the procedure is completed, the device is deflated and removed through the entry port.

The retractor’s self-retaining clamp allows it to remain in place for long periods of time, without the need for additional surgical personnel.

The LapSpace inflatable retractor greatly improves efficiency and decreases the cost
of the surgery.

Key Advantages

Simple: The retractor is inserted through a trocar and inflated using a hand pump included with the device.
Safe: The soft, inflatable portion provides gentle, firm retraction, up to 2 kg.
Stable: The device locks onto the trocar or onto the bed rail clamp.


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